Saturday, 4 February 2012

How to protect your computer from viruses

Computer Virus is such types of enemy of you and your Computer which can  affect and destroy your all information and system. So computer virus is threat to you. You should protect your computer from virus. Taking some techniques  we can get virus free computer. Best way to protect your Computer from virus is underlined below:

01.Windows XP users should turn on the wall always to protect from  computer  virus.

02.You should run your loyal anti- virus program  everyday and regularly to remove computer virus. Update your anti virus regularly. There are many anti-virus program  that can be used free.
03.Be sure that external storages are scanned with  your loyal and updated anti-virus before accepting the files to be safe from computer virus.

04. You should not open  mail that are suspicious or unknown to you. You can send it back to your provider  as ‘spam’ if they are in your bulk mail. You should delete  the bulk mail.
05.You should be careful  with files being sent through  instant messenger when you are using  messenger services.

06.You should be cautious  at the time of downloading file or program from the internet to avoid computer virus. Don’t download files from insecure  sites. You should not open a mail attachment unless you  desire them. When you will see content with vague subject lines such as  ‘check this’ or ‘see this pics’.Instructions should be followed  while downloading it. Specially be careful when you are downloading games or songs. Use anti –virus program to  share disks, download files from the internet and to open email attachments and be safe from computer virus 

07.You should not open  the attachment that end in  .vbs  or  .js  because a typical user would never have reason  to open this file.You should  be extra careful to open the attachment that end in  .doc   ,  .exe  ,   .com  ,   .xls  ,   or  .ppt

08.You should visit your virus- scan software manufacturer’s website to update your  anti-virus program  and install it when your computer is affected by virus.Then scan and delete the virus to be safe from computer virus.

09.You should be cautious with files that come from  floppy disk or other external storages. You should scan it with your anti-virus before opening it to avoid computer virus.
10.You should run defragmentation, clean up ,registry scanner  at least  once a week to avoid computer virus.
11.You should be careful when you are accepting file,programs,or anything from other computer to avoid computer  virus.You must scan it with loyal anti-virus.
                   Now apply these tips properly  to protect your computer from viruses.

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