Now-a-days internet security is top concern for an internet user.An internet user face many types of problems at the time of using internet.By following some simple tips we can enjoy our time on the internet in a safe manner.

                  01. Use Antivirus:Installation of antivirus is important task for a computer user. virus may affect our computer by using some special and innovative techniques. So it is not possible to avoid viruses without using antivirus. So find a good antivirus and  get it installed.Do not use more than one antivirus at a time. It may make our computer slow. 
                 02.Use firewall:Using a software firewall on our machine can be very useful even if we are protected by a hardware firewall installed on our LAN.If we do it we will be able to know what kind of traffic wants to reach our machine from the internet .So we will be able to block or allow things as we wishOn.this way we will be able to control all communication to and from our machine and shortly know what each application isnstalled on our computer wants to send or receive.

    03.Do not open e-mail that come from a stranger: Do not open attachments with      e-mail which are from unknown or not trustworthy sources.You should check the extension of the file before opening it.You can use e-mail software to block automatic scripts  and any type of dangerous attachments.Remember that virus spreading ,attacks and hacking are mostly done through e-mails.
                04.   Be careful on social networking sites:You should be careful on acceptance of invitation of unknown person.Because you do not know who is that person and what is his/her exact intention.It may create problems to your real life as well as on net.
   05.Protect password:You should protect password and  your identity should set a  serious password.Combination of alphneumeric and special characters can make the password strong.Do not share password with anyone and do not save it on public or group computers.Do not reveal your identity unnecessarily to all the sites you visit.Entering e-mail address everywhere will create spam to your mailbox which is the biggest source of malware.
  06.Be responsible:On internet you can be offered to click to get free software,earn $500 in a week,free music or watch your favourite actress naked.You should be conscious about this type of offer because these types of  offer can lead to get  your computer infected with Malware.All types of security measures may be useless if your behavior  on the internet is irresponsible. 
  07.Applying browser security:Browsers can be used to avoid virus or malicious content.Fine tune your browser to atleast ask you before downloading any malicious content.It may make you conscious
              08. Update frequently:Keep your antivirus,windows ,software up to date.Backdated software ,antivirus may create many problems.Windows ,antivirus and other applications update themselves automatically but  this features need to be enabled.