COMPUTER BUYING TIPS

              Are you thinking about what will be the best to buy Mac or PC?You can take the decision based on two main points.You will have to consider your budget and whether the computer is primarily for business or pleasure.Both types of computers are very nice and perfect for the specific tasks.If you need to go to work and bring your computer with you ,you will have to consider what types of computers will be easier to use.Some tips on how to choose the right computer for you is given below:
           Budget:Macs are far more expensive than PCs.You can buy a PC if money is a big factor for you.PCs frequently crash and more vulnerable to spyware and viruses. On the other hand Macs resist most viral attacks and operate at a consistently high standard with virtually no technical issues.Unlike PCs ,each computer is designed for maximum efficiency in both processing speed and ease of use.If you can afford it,a Mac is an excellent investment which will work for you for years.
          Business:Graphic designers and other creative individuals prefer Mac on the other hand for most office work PC is preferable.PCs are still dominating in most business settings. Graphically, Macs have richer displays and a Linux based operating system that makes them ideal for manipulating complex information such as layered graphical displays. Photoshop was initially designed for the Mac. You can buy Mac If you are buying a computer for use in a professionally creative setting.