Thursday, 21 April 2011


Pen drive is liable for spreading virus into a computer.When a pin drive is connected with computer or laptop ,then it may be opened automatically. If there is any  virus in pendrive then it spread out into computer. If we stop  auto play of pen drive and use pen drive from the navigator of task bar or through folder option then virus will not spread out into computer .For stopping auto play of    pen drive:
      01.First of all go to start menu >click on run then write    gpedit.msc   and click on ok.
 .    02.A window will appear and on that window you will see user configuration. Now click on the plus(+)which is in left side of user configuration ,after that click on the plus(+)of administrative templates which is in left side.After that double click on `turn off auto play “>select enable >select all drives of turn off auto play on >get back after clicking ok
     04.For using pen drive by doing navigator from the task bar ,first of all :click on right button >go to new toolbar from toolbar. After that select `my computer” and click on ok
    05.Now you will see there is a link of `my computer”in task bar
                            From now if you want to go to any folder,file or want to open,copy,cut ,paste or delete ,you will have to go through that link and to click right button to avoid virus.You will have to zip the file or folder if you want to exchange file or folder from one computer to another computer.Virus can not affect the zipped file. To zip a file or folder :
      01.Keep mouse on that file or folder and make a right click .now click  on send to compressed(zipped).you will see It has been zipped.
     Again if you want to unzip the file or folder:
                               Keep mouse on file or folder >right click >click on extract all>double click on next.
                       Use latest antivirus and update it regularly to protect your computer from virus.

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