Friday, 15 April 2011


Normally, we start our computer by pressing power button of cpu. But we have to face many problems if there is any problem in power button. If we want, we can start our computer without pressing power button of cpu. By using keyboard we can start our computer easily. To do this:
      01. first of all, enter into bios at the time of starting computer  by pressing Del button .
      02. select, power management setup and press enter.
      03. select, power on my keyboard and press Enter
      04. select, password and  press Enter
      05. enter a key as password on enter password and  get back after saving(F 10) it.
From now, you will be able to start your computer by pressing that password key from the keyboard. This tips is suitable for gigabyte motherboard .This tips also can be found on other motherboard.

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