Saturday, 28 January 2012

How to Shutdown the Computer quickly

Normally it takes much time to shutdown the computer .It may create annoyance to you.This slow process happens due to clear the temporary page during the shutdown   your  pc.If you wish ,you can stop the process.As a result you will be able to shutdown your computer quickly .
To do it,first of all:
     01.Click on  Start, then go to  Run > write  Regedit and  then press Enter.
    02.Now you will see registry editor and then go to HKEY»LOCAL»MACHINE and make double click.
      03. Now  go to System and double click on current control set.
    04.Now go to  session manager  from  control . Now  find  out  the                          memory management menu.Now from this menu go to clear page at shutdown and make the value  0.
    05.Now restart your pc.From now your pc will be shutdown quickly.

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