Monday, 30 January 2012

Slow pc?Tips to speed up computer.

A brand new computer works rapidly.After some  months, this  computer performance  begins to worsen.Your computer  starts to run slowly though  you need faster computer.Dealing with computer which gives you   slow performance will create boringness.Slow PC or very slow PC may waste your time and productivity.In this situation you need to apply some  tips for speeding  up computer.It may happen for various types of reason.
Tips to make computer run faster is outlined below:

Tips#01.  You should not install the unnecessary software.

Tips#02.   After finishing your task  uninstall the software  which will not be used in near future.
Tips#03. Performing  a disk defragmentation is very necessary  for the faster and  smart computer. By performing disk  defragmentation  you can speed up your computer.For the disk  defragmentation  you will have to do underneath task:
                    Click on right button of mouse in my computer .Now click  on                 manage >disk defragmenter.Then you will see there is a defragment  button.Start defragment  by clicking on defragment button.
The purpose of defragmentation  is to arranging the all files of system .From now processor will work quickly.  
Tips#04. Don’t  use more than one anti virus.It makes the computer slow.

Tips#05. Delete unnecessary files by going folder option.To do it :
Go to, Folder option   > view> hide protected > unmark the operating system file . Now go to any drive of computer .You can see there is a folder named          
system volume information.Delete all files of system volume information without change.log.
Tips#06.Go to start  > run and type  %temp%  and  click on ok.You will see there are many files and folders.Select all the files and folders and delete them.It increases the space  of system drive (generally  C:\)  and speed  up computer. 

 Tips#  07.Click on start button, then go to  run option and type recent and press ok.There will come a window .Delete the all files of that window .In the same   way, type   Local settings and delete all files.Type  tree and press ok.

Tips#08.  Atleast 15% of  space of all drives keep unused.

Tips#09. Click on start button.go to run option and write  cmd  and click on  ok.There you will see a black window. Type  cd..   where the cursor is moving.Now press enter.After that type  cd..   again and press  enter. Now type  c  and press  enter.Now type  dir  and press enter .Do this task one by one for your all drives.Now, type  tree  and wait.Type  exit  and press  enter.Now  restart your computer and you will see your PC  is  faster than before.
Tips#10. Scan disk , pendrive or whatever you connect to the computer  by using loyal and update antivirus before opening the files.
Tips#11.You should empty the recycle bin about one time per week.Because when we  delete files or folders, it does not go away for good. Recycle bin accumulate all files. These files or folders may slow down your computer .So it is very important to empty the recycle bin regularly.

Tips#12. Errors and problems within your computer’s  windows registry   is the big reason of slow PC performance.Adware,spyware and other threats  target the registry and may damage the files or folders within it.So you should  clean up computer’s  windows registry  to  get the better performance from  your computer.
                 By implementing these technique you can get better performance from your computer. Now go ahead with your faster computer.

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